Charcoal grilled bbq ribs

August 5, 2015

Last weekend we had my parents over for dinner and my hubs made charcoal grilled bbq ribs. Ah-mazing. Alex swears by cooking the ribs slow – it makes them fall-off-the-bone tender. Since we don’t have a smoker, he created his own using our charcoal grill and a few pans of water.

Here are the steps from the man himself:

Babyback Ribs
Rib rub
BBQ sauce

  1. Cut off the membrane on the backside of each rack of ribs, using a knife.
  2. Dry rub both sides of the ribs by massaging your favorite rib rub into the rib meat. Apply generously.
  3. Push the rack of ribs together as tight as they can go without overlapping.
  4. Place two separate piles of coal in the bottom of your charcoal grill along 1/2 of the grill. Light one pile of coals with a lighter and leave the other half unlit.
  5. Once the lit coals are ready, stack them on top of the unlit pile of coals.
  6. Place a disposable pan on the opposite side of the coals and fill it with cold water.
  7. On the grill grate put another pan of water on the side directly above the coals.
  8. On the side of the grill grate that has a pan of water under it, place the rack of ribs.
  9. Let ribs slow-cook for about an hour and a half bone side down and then flip them over, leaving them on the side of the grill that does not have direct heat. At this time it may be good to add a few more fresh coals to the pile to keep the heat of the grill around 225 degrees.

Let them cook for an additional 2 hours. Check the temperature of the ribs by placing a thermometer directly into the meat. They should be around 175-180 degrees.

Remove the pan of water with oven mits from the direct heat and place the ribs directly over the heat for 5-6 minutes on each side to create a char.

Optional: If you want to add barbecue sauce, do so during these last 5-6 minutes when the ribs are over direct heat. We chose not to add barbecue sauce – the rub rub adds fantastic flavor and guests can dip in sauce if they please.


Charcoal grilled bbq ribs on Barr Bungalow.Charcoal grilled bbq ribs on Barr Bungalow.

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