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Summer bedroom refresh

July 27, 2015

It’s been mighty warm in Milwaukee this week. I won’t complain – we suffer through brutal winters, so I’ll take the hot, humid weather when I can get it.

As you might know, we’re currently renovating the top floor of our bungalow to create a full master suite. I can already tell it’s going to be my favorite room in my house – I simply can’t wait. Since we’re doing most of the work ourselves, we likely won’t move into the bedroom until later this year.

In the meantime, I’ve tried to make our temporary master bedroom (eh, supposed-to-be office), as cozy as possible. I love a good cuddle and piles of blankets in the winter, but even with the air conditioning, that just won’t pass in the summer – especially for my husband who likes a cool place to sleep. Here are my tips for a summer bedroom refresh:

1. Puppy snuggles – because no matter what season, there’s always room for puppy snuggles.

2. Cooling pillows these are awesome. The pillow adjusts to your body’s temperature and really makes for a cool place to rest your head.

3. Light layers – I despise the feeling of being exposed during the night. So, I layer. Light sheet, light cotton blanket, and a year-round all-season down comforter.

4. Lavender – Known as the sweet scent of sleep, lavender helps battle insomnia. My mother-in-law gave me a dried lavender heart that I’ve pinned to a board in my bedroom, along with other mementos. While it certainly doesn’t have the same effect as a burning lavender candle, this heart eases my mind at night with sweet thoughts of family.

Summer bedroom refresh on Barr Bungalow.

It’s a pretty cozy bedroom for the time being. Still, I’m already decorating our master suite in my mind. Fingers crossed we’ll be up there come winter, and I’ll create a cozy snowy getaway with these fabulous finds: Fog Linen Duvet Cover from Parachute | Book Nook Armchair from West Elm | Free standing soaking tub | Cable Knitted Throws from Overstock

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